Blue Ridge PBS Documentary Executive Committee

1. Steve Allbee, Retired USEPA (Member of Liquid Asset Documentary)

2. Kishia Powell DC Water (Utility)

3. Joone Lopez, Moulton Niguel Water District (Utility)

4. Jennifer Garigliano, New York DEP (Utility)

5. Yvonne Forrest, Houston Water (Utility)

6. Hardeep Anand, Miami-Dade Water & Sewer (Utility)

7. Kevin Shafer, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District (Utility)

8. Adam Krantz, NACWA (Professional Association)

9. Jennifer Palmiotto, NRWA (Professional Association)

10. Pierre Glynn, USGS Emeritus (Federal Agency)

11. Stephen Cauffman, CISA (Federal Agency)

12. Joe Manous, US Army Corps of Engineers (Federal Agency)

13. Tony Willardson, Western States Water Council (State Agency)

14. Jennifer Sara, World Bank (International)

15. Ken Thompson, Jacobs (Consultant)

16. Celine Hyer, Arcadis (Consultant)

17. Inge Wiersema, Carollo (Consultant)

18. Beverly Stinson, AECOM (Consultant)

19. Gemma Dunn, GHD (Consultant)

20. Rebekah Eggers, IBM (Technology Provider)

21. Houston Spencer, Xylem (Technology Provider)

22. David Dzombak, Carnegie Mellon University (Academic)

23. Sunil Sinha, Virginia Tech, Chair

24. Carol Jennings, Blue Ridge PBS, Vice Chair

25. Tom Landon, Blue Ridge PBS

Kathleen Laskowski will support the executive committee activities

Executive Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Attend Monthly Meetings

  • Research the Subject

  • Help with Compelling Story

  • Identify Storytellers for the Documentary

  • Identify Celebrity for Narrating the Documentary

  • Help with the Script and Editing

  • Help with the Final Review

  • Help with Fund Raising Efforts