Intelligent Water System (IWS)

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale with Big Data Management and Artificial Intelligence Applications

Water Research Foundation (WRF) Project# 4797

The project is co-funded by The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and Metro Vancouver as part of the Foundation’s Research Priority Program.

The project objectives are:

• Conduct demonstration projects at multiple utilities to assess the effectiveness of sensor-based, real-time monitoring/metering and models/decision support systems on sewershed/sub-sewershed scales, including the application of analytics to solve sewershed network management issues.

• Create methodologies and frameworks to assist with the development of sensor-based networks and data management systems that incorporate new and emerging monitoring/ metering/ analysis technologies which can be used to assess data and provide support for real-time decision making.

• Document and summarize lessons learned during this project to assist other utilities in the future.

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