Intelligent Water System (IWS)

Designing Sensor Networks and Locations on an Urban Sewershed Scale with Big Data Management and Artificial Intelligence Applications

Water Research Foundation (WRF) Project# 4797

The project is co-funded by The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and Metro Vancouver as part of the Foundation’s Research Priority Program.

The project objectives are:

• Conduct demonstration projects at multiple utilities to assess the effectiveness of sensor-based, real-time monitoring/metering and models/decision support systems on sewershed/sub-sewershed scales, including the application of analytics to solve sewershed network management issues.

• Create methodologies and frameworks to assist with the development of sensor-based networks and data management systems that incorporate new and emerging monitoring/ metering/ analysis technologies which can be used to assess data and provide support for real-time decision making.

• Document and summarize lessons learned during this project to assist other utilities in the future.

Research Team

Ken Thompson



Sunil K. Sinha

Virginia Tech


Harry Zhang

Water Research Foundation

Research Manager