The mission of this Engineering Research Center is to harness data science to provide real-time prediction and data-driven decision-support ecosystem for smart one water management at the river basin-scale around the country and the world.


Operationalizing sustainability and resilience in communities through “Smart One Water (SOW)” system of water systems is the overarching vision of this Engineering Research Center (ERC) for equity, social justice, and affordability

What is Smart One Water?

The term “One Water” refers to an integrated system of water systems at the river-basin scale that includes natural, built and socio-economic water systems. "Smart One Water" will create and transition the next frontier of scalable, convergent decision support ecosystems that:

(i) encompass cyberinfrastructure, and digital technologies as well as natural, physical, and socio-economic systems, and

(ii) empower small and large communities to balance competing demands for water resources and services in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Enabled by recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing, digital infrastructure, and human-computer interfaces, the SOW-ERC will galvanize novel research, education, institutional interactions, workforce development, innovative partnerships, and water sector stakeholder engagement. We believe that better data, better model and better decision support system will lead to significant improvements in our ability to make informed decisions in a Smart One Water system context. 


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The research team is working closely with over 700 utilities and 100 federal facilities across the country for WATERiD and PIPEiD national databases projects.


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